Swapped BitCore
⇄ sBTX on PancakeSwap
sBitCore is now available within PancakeSwap, where you can buy sBTX with your BNB.
1.- Enter the following link and click on approve contract to have the sBTX option available in one of the largest DEX at the moment.
As we are just starting the game you must login with the link and approve the contract so you can buy sBTX on PancakeSwap.
2.- Once the contract is approved, you will be able to purchase your sBTX with BNB.
Can't buy or sell sBTX? Try all of these:
1)Increase your slippage, the higher, the better. 2) Increase your gas (15, 350000) 3) Remove decimals, use whole numbers and round down (e.g. if you are trying to sell 592038493.20395, enter the amount 592038492 manually) 4) Use a different wallet (safepal, trustwallet, metamask) 5) Try to reduce the amount you sell. Some currencies have a maximum transaction limit. 6) Ask the coin developers to decrease the automatic liquidity range or have it turned off. 7) If none of the above works, you have probably bought a coin that you cannot sell.
Always do DYOR before you buy, so you don't get the surprise that it can't sell and you've lost your money.
Last modified 1mo ago