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Odarhom Bootstrap FAQ ❔
IMPORTANT: This guide (blockchain fix) only works if you have followed the Masternode Quick Guide. Personal configurations are not considered in this guide.

Stop your BitCore Daemon

bitcore-cli stop

Remove Data

cd ~/.bitcore rm -r blocks/ chainstate/ indexes/ sporks/ *.dat *.log .lock masternode.conf

Download, Extract and Copy Bootstrap Files

cd .. apt install unzip wget unzip cp -r blocks/ chainstate/ .bitcore/

Start your BitCore Daemon

bitcored -daemon

Check Headers and Block Height

bitcore-cli getblockchaininfo| grep -i "headers" -B 1

Compare your Blockhash

bitcore-cli getblockhash 660958 must be identical with ---> e79f12b7c6c103bb7d2c4753700b8e0e9247f45f4367e8bddf92b1ffafb5a117

Check Masternode Sync

bitcore-cli mnsync status
and wait until these values are "true"
"IsBlockchainSynced": true, "IsMasternodeListSynced": true, "IsWinnersListSynced": true,
Now you can start your Masternode from your BitCore QT Wallet.
Last modified 3mo ago
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